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Administrative Officer



Sheshadri is a dedicated official at Parishudh Initiative focusing on Administrative aspects of the initiative with additional focus on Interactive Education and Communication programs related to Parishudh Initiatve.


He has worked on various capacities at Parishudh since it's inception in 2011. He has personally travelled to over 300 villages educating the families about importane of building toilets and maintaining healthy and hygienic environment.


He has also personally managed construction of toilets and is experienced in nitti-grities of the need of the toilets as well as best practices of construction activity.


Sheshadri is also a Professional Softskills trainer. His services are taken by various companies all over India and abroad. He studied his highschool at Sri Kottla Basaveshwar Bharitya Shikashna Samiti Sedam and lives at Gulbarga.



Vasudevrao M Deshpande (Vasu)

Board Member and Director of IT



A software engineer by profession, Vasudevrao Deshpande started the Parishudh Initiative in October 2011 under the funding from Infosys Foundation and other donors. He was instrumental for analyzing the problem and proposing the solution. He managed the program between 2011 and 2013 that built over 12,000 toilets in over 300 villages and educating over 600,000 families in North Karnataka. Now he has moved on to pursue interests in the integrated development of the villages and remains as advisor and one of the patrons of Parishudh. He is currently focusing on bringing additional growth initiatives to the region as well as analytics related to hygiene and sanitation.


Vasu hails from Sedam town and studied in the first batch of Sri Kottla Basaveshwar Bharitya Shikashna Samiti Sedam. He was awarded Gold Medal for topping the Gulbarga University in Bachelor of Engineering in 1991. He also did his MBA at University of Massachusets Amherst USA and lived at USA for ten years before returning to India in 2009.


He can be reached at the above numbers and/or facebook


Bheemrao Biradar

Quality Engineer



Bheemrao Biradar is a retired Engineer from Public Works Department of Government of Karnataka. Over his 35 years of service, he did construction of numerous dams, roads, canals, houses etc. He has been helping on Parishudh Initiative since it's inception. Before starting on this initiative, he was helping the team in succesful construcrtion of over 2,250 houses built for the flood affected families, under the funding from Infosys Foundation.